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We are a company offering birding tours in Alentejo. Established in Évora since 2012, we provide a high quality service offering clients the opportunity to observe the wide variety of birds in the area, either from the tours we have planned or as part of a tailor made excursion of your choice. From huge Griffon Vultures and majestic Spanish Imperial Eagles to the colourful Bee-eaters, Shrikes, and the Great Bustard flocks on the Alentejo plains, we also showcase the region's wonderful heritage and history as well as introducing you to the incredible foods and wines that are specialities of the area.

Most Popular Packages

Tailor-made Tours

Tell us what you want to see Birdwatch in Alentejo offers our guests the opportunity to choose an itinerary different to the ones that we have...
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Birding Southern Portugal

7 days
Southern Portugal offers a wide variety of bird species, due to the different habitats that exist here. The cereal plains and the cork and holm...
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Short-break Birding Tour in Évora

6 days
A holiday programme for birding from Évora, including a day visiting the best wetland in Portugal. Participants were accommodated in our partner...
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Birding IBA Mourão, Moura, Barrancos

1 day
This tour covers the counties of Mourão, Moura and Barrancos, an area which is classified by Natura 2000 as a special protection area for birds,...
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Birdwatching in Alto Alentejo

2 days
Alto Alentejo is a region with a great diversity of habitats, where it is possible to observe a high number of bird species. This program in...
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Full day Birding in Évora

1 day
This full-day tour takes place around the district of Évora. The trip visits several areas in the local Special Protection Area in search of...
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