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Christine Acebo desde Connecticut, USA wrote on 12th Abril 2013 at 2:30 pm:
This was the most wonderful part of my trip to Portugal. I never dreamed I would see so many different birds, from the Zitting Cisticola to the magnificent Booted Eagle and so many others. Of course my favorites were the Bee Eaters for their colors and the Storks for their amazing colonies that are homes to so many other birds. I am also so very grateful to have been shown the "inside" of this beautiful country. I'll remenber and smile standing in the cork forest and next to a huge old olive tree, with more flowers everywhere than I've ever seen before.
Thank you!

I hope more people find you and find the joy of a trip with you.
Your knowledge of this land and it's birds is excellent and you are a delightful guide.
Thank you
Christine Acebo
Connecticut, USA
April 13, 2013

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CecileHervo desde France wrote on 4th Junho 2012 at 12:56 pm:
Nous voulons remercier M Jorge pour la demi-journée d'observation que nous avons faite en juin 2012. Malgré la mauvaise période, nous avons réussi à voir 32 espèces différentes, dont la spatule et le chevalier Gambette, qui ne sont pas très commun en France. M Jorge est sympatique et très compétent. Nous voulons aussi le remercier pour les conseils sur la LPN à Campo verde (autre organisation d'observation d'oiseaux au sud de la région d'Alentejo).