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Global Big Day 2016

Saturday May 14th will see the second ever Global Big Day organised by eBird – a day that will see thousands of bird watchers around the world try to see as many species as possible in 24 hours.

The 2015 event saw 14,764 participants record 6158 species worldwide. Here in Portugal, 65 people across the country submitted 207 bird lists to eBird totalling an impressive 210 species.

The number of people participating in Portugal this year should be much higher than 12 months ago due to the increasing number of observers submitting records into the eBird recording system.

The region organiser of eBird-Evora, in collaboration with LaborUE is promoting this year’s Global Big Day initiative and the participant who records the highest number of species on the day will be awarded a prize offered by the Hotel Solar dos Lilases and Birdwatching Altentejo – so please join in, enjoy the big day and go bird watching.




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