Merry Christmas

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We wish all our clients, partners and friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Unavailable dates in 2018

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Autumn is synonymous with bird migration. At the end of August, many species have already begun their journey to winter grounds. As has happened in recent years, I will also migrate south to participate in a monitoring project for soaring birds. For this reason, it will not be...
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Partnership with Perfect Moments

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Birdwatch in Alentejo has now started a partnership with Perfect Moments, a project run by Helena Borges in Monte Barrão, near Alter do Chão.

April 23rd-May 23rd – All tours unavailable

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All tours with Birdwatch in Alentejo are unavailable during the period April 23rd until May 23rd due to tour guiding team being involved with monitoring projects both in Portugal and overseas. Apologies to anyone hoping to join our tours during this period.

Birds that Winter in the Alqueva

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Alqueva is a small village that gives its name to a huge dam built on the River Guadiana. Since the floodgates of the dam were closed in 2002, the diversity of birds inhabiting the area has changed greatly, with waterfowl becoming much more common over the last 14 years. The...
Transalentejo - Walking Trails Alqueva

TransAlentejo – Walking Trails Alqueva

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Transalentejo – Walking Trails Alqueva is a guide with detailed information about eleven routes in the area of Alqueva Lake and the Guadiana River. You can see and download the detailed information of each route in Enjoy these...

Global Big Day 2016

Saturday May 14th will see the second ever Global Big Day organised by eBird – a day that will see thousands of bird watchers around the world try to see as many species as possible in 24 hours. The 2015 event saw 14,764 participants record 6158 species worldwide. Here in...

eBird Portugal

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Portugal joined in strength to eBird. This platform launched in 2002 by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and National Audubon Society is a real-time online checklist program. I use regularly the eBird application in the phone to record the birds that I see during my walks and...

Osprey project in Portugal

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Following on from last year, I am this summer once again part of the technical staff working on a project to reintroduce Ospreys in Portugal. Once a breeding species in the country, no pairs have bred since 2001. Beginning in 2011 in the area around the Alqueva reservoir, on the...

Red-footed Falcon in Portugal

Last May saw an incredible arrival of Red-footed Falcons into Portugal. A migratory species, it breeds in Eastern Europe before spending the winter in Southern Africa. Rarely recorded in Portugal, with most sightings being in the south during autumn migration, this spring saw...