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Bird Watching focuses on Birdwatch in Alentejo

Bird Watching is a top-selling English magazine dedicated exclusively to bird watching and published monthly. You can find more information at www.birdwatching.co.uk

In the February 2015 edition, Jack Thorpe, the magazine’s Production Editor, writes a full account of his visit to the Alentejo that opened his mind to how birds can be see, and how the untouched natural habitat of the Alentejo dictates the diversity of species that can be seen. To quote, Jack was left “charmed by the Alentejo’s region’s rugged nature”

This tour was organized by Regional Tourist Promotion Agency of Alentejo with the participation of Birdwatch in Alentejo.

The group enjoyed a productive four days visiting many sites, observing a total of 114 species during the tour.


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